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*******Genealogists may schedule appointment by phone or email at least two weeks ahead of proposed visit to library.******

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***Children under age 16 allowed use of library with adult supervision only.  Standard entrance fees per child apply. ***

Got dead people? Seeking their vital statistics, next of kin, and burial locations? There’s all that and MORE to be dug up and discovered within the historical archives of the Fillmore County History Center. Our genealogy library focuses on vital records relating to the earliest of Fillmore County’s dearly departed 1857-1944.  Our vast collection includes obituaries and gravestone records. Our library features user-friendly resources that enable the family historian to conduct self-service genealogical research.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our records, date ranges, and policies before you submit a query or plan a visit.  [SEE BELOW]  A review of available records ensures easier research and faster results.  You’ll find that coming armed with a specific wish list saves time. Take a seat at our public access laptop portals.  At your fingertips you’ll find our own in-house digital indexes to vital records, obituaries, cemetery transcriptions— with additional indexes coming in the near future! We look forward to welcoming you to the charming little village of Fountain—or “Mayberry on the Prairie”, as I like to say.  Come visit us!  While you’re here get out on the back roads to see where your ancestors lived—and died.  We can direct you to every cemetery in the county and many others in the greater area.  Having been there, done that, we’d be delighted to guide you toward your own family history. For researchers unable to visit us in person, we happily provide documents through remote assistance. Please read through our policy and then contact us by email with research queries.  We provide instant electronic delivery of documents upon receipt of PayPal payment or alternatively mail hard copies by post upon receipt of check or money order payment.  Please be advised that we cannot return voice mail phone messages.  Please call again during office hours or alternatively send us an email message.  The library is closed Sunday and Monday.   Thanks…and happy genealogical trails!


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MISSION The mission of the Emery & Almeda Eickhoff Genealogy Library of the Fillmore County History Center is to provide access to the Fillmore County Historical Society’s collection of genealogical materials.  Over a period of decades, the historical society has carefully preserved and collected information and materials of interest to family historians and is committed to continuing these efforts in the interest of future researchers. GENERAL RESEARCH POLICY History Center staff assists patrons who visit the genealogy library for personal research purposes.  Staff provides orientation to the library and its collection as well as the use of computers, copiers, and microform equipmentDue to staffing and time constraints, the primary focus of staff is to serve as patron advisor, answering ready reference questions, assisting in locating materials, and moderating the operation of equipment.  Staff assists patrons in accessing and interpreting library information but does not conduct research for patrons or compile family histories.  Since the library is organized to be self-service and accessible as an open collection, donations are requested above stated entrance fee for any extended staff assistance required.


Library Entrance Fee: Up to 1 half-day self-service research:  $5 per person plus photocopy fees Full 1 day self-service research:  $10 per person plus photocopy fees Self-service Copy Fees: $0.50 per 8 ½” X 11” page off photocopy machine $1.00 per 8 ½” X 14” and 11” X 17” page off photocopy machine $1.00 per page off microform machines Library patrons will please sign in at the genealogy library guest register. No personal digital devices of any kind are allowed in the library, including cell phones.  LOCKERS ARE PROVIDED FOR PATRON STORAGE OF PERSONAL ITEMS INCLUDING DIGITAL DEVICES, PURSES, BACKPACKS, ETC.  Patrons are responsible for adhering to copyright restrictions and abiding by acceptable use policy or their privilege to access the library will be revoked.  Microfilm machine and digital index use may be limited to 15-minute increments in order to serve all patrons.   No food or drink is allowed in the library.


Remote requests for research assistance may originate with a phone call, email or letter.  In these instances, staff will provide quick lookups in our digital indexes (less than 15 minutes) at no charge.  Requests that require in-depth research or completing a family tree will not be accepted.

Birth, Death, Obituaries, Probate, Naturalization Records:  $6.00 each

Marriage Records:  $5.00 each  

Cemetery Transcriptions:  $2.00 per page

Electronic delivery in PDF or JPG format is available with PayPal payment.  Transaction cost necessitates additional fee of $2.00 more per record.

Remote requests should be as brief and specific as possible indicating names, dates, and record type.  No family group sheets or attachments accepted.  Due to staffing constraints, we are unable to search un-indexed materials. Please enclose a stamped self-addressed business sized envelope with payment in check or money order made payable to FCHS. DO NOT SEND PAYMENT UNTIL STAFF CONFIRMS RECORDS. Please submit remote queries to Payment should be directed to: Fillmore County History Center 202 County Rd 8 Fountain, MN  55935


A $30 Return Check Fee may be assessed in the event of a returned check payment.  NOTE: Once a return check has been received; all future payments will be required to be paid with cash or certified funds.

COPYRIGHT AND FAIR USE  The Fillmore County Historical Society is committed to the provisions of the United States Copyright Law (Title 17, United States Code).  Patrons who wish to reproduce copyright-protected works assume all liability for their actions.  In determining whether use made of a work is a fair use, factors to be considered shall include: 1.  purpose and character of use, including whether such use is commercial in nature or is for non-profit educational use 2.  nature of copyrighted work 3.  amount of portion used in relation to copyrighted work as a whole 4.  effect of use upon potential market for or value of copyrighted work


When citing materials accessed from the genealogy library collections, researchers shall use the following credit line:  “Fillmore County Historical Society.”


Violation of the terms of this policy may result in forfeiture of the privilege to access and use materials in the research archives library collection.

Fillmore County History Center_Suspension Policy


The following Fillmore County index databases are searchable on TWO public use terminals.

Birth Records 1870-1921 Death Records 1870-1940 Marriage Records 1858-1900 Obituary Collection 1857-present Gravestone Transcriptions (All 24 Townships) Will/Probate Index 1858-1944 Naturalization Index

After consulting the digital index, original vital records can be copied from microfilm readers.  Obituaries are available to copy from binders and/or microfilm.  Gravestone transcriptions are available in binders.  Probate and naturalization records are available for copy on microfilm. PLEASE NOTE:  Gravestone transcriptions and any pertinent gravestone images from the Fillmore County History Center archives are copyrighted by the Fillmore County Historical Society.  These transcriptions may NOT be copied in full, or posted in full online to web databases such as “Find A Grave.”

  • Maps

1874 Map of Fillmore County in the Alfred T. Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Minnesota 1878 Plat and Index of Land Owners 1896 Plat and Index of Land Owners 1904 Plat Map

  • Plat Books

1915, 1928, 1947, 1950, 1961, 1962, 1966, 1970, 1974, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2003.

  •  Index of Naturalization

Records available on five reels of microfilm.

  • Vital Records

Birth records for the years 1870 – 1921. Records for births 1900-1934 may be ordered online at the Minnesota Historical Society website: Death records for the years 1870 – 1940. Records for births 1908-2001 may be ordered online at the Minnesota Historical Society website: Marriage records for the years 1858-1916. Records for marriage dates after 1917 are archived at the Fillmore County Court House in Preston.  Marriage records may also be ordered online at the Minnesota Official Marriage System:

  • Obituary Collection

Comprehensive index listing the name of the deceased with reference of microfilmed newspaper in which obituary was published. Also available are obituary binders containing clipped newspaper obituaries. Copies of obituaries may be purchased in person at our facility or via email mail order.

  • Wills

1858 – 1944 available on microfilm.

  • Census Records

Minnesota Census Index – 1860 and 1870 in book form

Minnesota Territorial Census 1857 on microfilm United States Federal Census 1860-1870-1880-1900-1910-1920-1930 on microfilm Minnesota State Census 1865-1875-1885-1895-1905 on microfilm Please check state index at Minnesota Historical Society website: 

  • 1890 Fillmore County Civil War Veterans, Widows, and Children 

Available on microfilm.


Additional microfilm just added to our collection:

  • Mower & Fillmore County Republican

    Sept 23, 1875-Dec 27, 1877

    Mower & Fillmore County Republican

               Jan 3, 1878-Oct 16, 1879

              Mabel News Record/Republican Lea

     Sept 5, 1990-July 31, 1991

            Preston Republican

                    Jan 1, 1981-Aug 29, 1990

                          Fountain-Preston newspapers

                               Miscellaneous Titles/Dates



    Republican: Oct 25 1856 – Oct 15 1861 Democrat: Jan 5 1861 – Dec 26 1863; Jan 2 1864 – Dec 29 1866; Jan 5 1867 – May 15 1902 News: May 20 1897 – May 15 1902; Jan 7 1932 – Dec 30 1976 News-Democrat: May 22 1902 – Dec 31 1931


    News: Jan 6 1898 – Dec 29 1921; Jan 3 1946 – Feb 22 1989


    Harding’s Herald: May 1 1880 – Oct 9 1880 Journal: Oct 3 1890 – Jun 28 1907 Leader: Oct 15 1898 – May 15 1915; Jan 3 1946 – Feb 6 1964; 1933-1987; Levang’s Weekly: Jan 7 1915 – Dec 30 1920; Jan 4 1923 – Dec 25 1924; Jan 5 1933 – May 11 1933


    Enterprise: Jan 16 1890 – Jul 11 1895 Record: Aug 22 1930 – Dec 28 1978 Sentinel: May 7 1903 – Sep 21 1905 Tribune: Jul 18 1895 – Apr 30 1903


    Democrat: Mar 6 1884 – Jun 24 1886 Fillmore Co. Republican: Nov 4 1870 – Sep 17 1875 National Republican: Sep 8 1881 – Apr 28 1887; Jun 9 1887 – Jul 27 1893 Republican: Jan 16 1863 – Jun 30 1865; Jan 5 1866 – Oct 28 1870; Nov 4 1875 – Feb 21 1884; Oct 23 1903 – Dec 31 1920; Jan 4 1945 – Mar 30 1961; Apr 6 1961 – Feb 2 1967; Jan 1 1970 – Dec 28 1972 Times: Sep 23 1886 – Dec 29 1921


    Journal: May 5 1871 – Feb 14 1873 Labor Reform: Apr 22 1872 – Jul 7 1873 Star: Aug 11 1876 – Mar 6 1902 Star Republican: Mar 13 1902 – Sep 6 1923 Tri-County Record: Nov 4 1945 – Dec 29 1921; Jan 4 1945 – Dec 30 1982

    Spring Valley

    Mercury: Feb 3 1887 – Oct 27 1904; Jan 2 1914 – Dec 31 1920; Jan 2 1925 – Dec 31 1926 Mercury-Vidette: Nov 3 1904 – Dec 26 1913 Sun: Sep 2 1892 – Aug 31 1913 Vidette: Sep 22 1877 – Jan 11 1901 Western Progress: Aug 10 1870 – Sep 12 1877 Tribune: Jan 4 1945 – Feb 27 1947; Mar 6 1947 – Jul 26 1951; Aug 1951 – Nov 18 1954


    Advertiser: Apr 16 1897 – Nov 26 1897 Enterprise: Jul 15 1910 – Dec 10 1954 Messenger: Feb 15 1900 – Dec 3 1908 Messenger-Enterprise: Jan 1 1909 – Jul 8 1910


Church Histories/Community Histories/Index of Veterans: Civil War– Spanish American War –World War I/Fillmore County Family Researcher Compilations


History of Fillmore County, Minnesota with an Outline of her Resources, Advantages, and the Inducments She Offers to Those Seeking Homes in the WestBy J.W. Bishop, C.E. Holley & Brown Printers, Republican Office Chatfield, MN 1858 History of Fillmore County  1882 Including Explorers & Pioneers of Minnesota & the Sioux Massacre of 1862.  By Rev. Edward D. Neill & Charles Bryan. History of Fillmore County, Vol I-II  1912 By Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge.  Chicago, Ill. : H.C. Cooper, Jr. & Co. History of Fillmore County By Fillmore County Historical Society Members & Friends. Dallas, TX. 1984.


Canton Chronicles  by Marjorie Vail Black Canton Treasured Memories Canton, Minnesota 1879-1979 Chatfield Bicentennial Bugle Chatfield Sesquicentennial 2003: The Spirit of the Valley Chatfield: Our First 100 Years Centennial Souvenir 1953  [with index] Chatfield: The Chosen Valley, Chatfield the Story of a Pioneer Town Cherry Grove History Fillmore Village: 101 Years by Matie Pulford [with index] Fountain 125th Anniversary 1869-1994 “Pathways Past & Present” [with index] Fountain Centennial 1869-1969 “Pages of the Past” [with index] Granger: Granger-Florenceville Reunion 1990 Granger: Memoirs & History Harmony: “Let’s Have Harmony” [with index] Harmony: Homesteading on the Peace River by Orel Felland & Orville Severson Harmony: informal history  [with index] Remembering Harmony Lanesboro Businessmen of 1930s The Depression Years Lanesboro from its Beginning 1902 Lanesboro: 1869-1969 “River Valley Echoes” [with index] Lanesboro: Historic Structures Locations Past & Present Lanesboro: Images of America by Don Ward & Ted St. Mane Lanesboro: It All Started with Buffalo Bill & White Beaver Mabel: History of Newburg & Village of Mabel Ostrander: 1891-1991 [with index] Peterson Book 1974 [with index] Pilot Mound History 2008 Preston 125th Anniversary: Coming Home [with index] Preston: Images of America by Al Mathison Prosper: As We Remember Rushford 1854-1954 Centennial [with index] Rushford I “History of the First Decade” Rushford II “Railroad Boom Town” Rushford III “Whiskey, Wheat, & Wagons” Rushford IV “Industry, Enterprise, Medicine & Law” Small Towns of Fillmore County: Amherst to Wilton Center Spring Valley Centennial 1855-1955 Spring Valley History 1855-1980 [index only] Spring Valley Old Timers Spring Valley Sesquicentennial 1855-2005 “Tales of Our Town” Spring Valley: The Laura Ingalls Wilder Connection 1890 Washington Community by Mrs. Rolf Hagen Wykoff Centennial 1876-1976 Wykoff: A Journey into Yesterday by Matie Pulford [with index]


The following are links to our county history books that have been digitized by GOOGLE:

History of Fillmore County 1912 Vol I

History of Fillmore County 1912 Vol II

History of Fillmore County 188